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Black Dog Athletics is a safe, fun, and supportive, strength and conditioning facility, offering customized fitness programs for clients of all skill and ability levels. Our unique approach to fitness incorporates both mind and body to help our clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

Our Exercise Philosophy is centered on full-body compound movements, customized to each individual client’s needs and goals. All clients receive extensive instruction and supervision to ensure they are able to exercise safely, confidently, and effectively.

We Offer customized one-on-one fitness training, group fitness classes, ‘open gym’ hours, customized fitness programs for clients of all ages, disabilities, and other physical limitations, sport-specific training, and Olympic-style and powerlifting training. Click on “Programs” for more detailed descriptions.


Black Dog Athletics is a 6000 square foot, warehouse-style, strength training and conditioning facility. Our unique equipment includes heavy-duty barbells and bumper weight plates, kettle bells, adjustable squat and pressing racks, pull up bars, push/pull sleds, slam balls, battle rope, climbing ropes, tires, gymnastics rings, sand bags, boxes, medicine balls, rowers, air bikes, punching/kicking bags, and other fitness equipments to suit nearly any fitness need.

We also have an outdoor area suitable for a wide range of exercise opportunities, men’s and women’s restrooms, and a kitchenette with refrigerator for your pre and post-workout meals.


Owner and Head Trainer Jon Cedolia
Jon Cedolia is a Certified USA Weightlifting coach and NASM certified personal trainer. Jon specializes in Olympic-style lifting and cross-training, but takes pride in assisting all clients with a wide variety of fitness needs and goals. After 12 year as a skier and rock climber in the western United States, Jon moved home to North Carolina and opened Black Dog Athletics to help others achieve health and wellness through strength and conditioning training.

Additional Training Staff

Brandon Copeland: NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist, Bachelor of Science in Biology from Bridgewater College, Personal trainer since 2013. Brandon believes in the concept of health over wealth, thus offering incomparable services at affordable costs to you.  Brandon has helped athletes in a wide variety of sports, at all levels- from youth sports to the professional level- achieve their peak performance.


Lori Hill Moffitt: AFPA certified personal trainer, certified Tabata Bootcamp Instructor, Bachelor of Science in Recreation Administration, personal trainer since 2008. Lori thoroughly enjoys personal training, working with clients and watching their transformations. She has experience training in health and fitness, tabata, and sports training. Lori played on the Lady Lions Volleyball and Basketball teams, and has ran all types of races from 5K's to a full marathon, both trails and roads.

Torrey Lowe: College Football Hall of Fame, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Sports Science from Greensboro College, personal trainer since 2007. Torrey Lowe specializes in circuit training that consists of different methods of strength training, and conditioning with different types of equipments. Torrey develops specific programs that give clients fresh perspectives and new ideas to challenge themselves.




Black Dog Athletics
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