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Jan 2016:
Tony Johnson

Member since Nov 2015

Why did you begin personal training with Brandon Copeland?
I NEEDED RESULTS. I needed training/ workouts that were going to challenge me to infinity and beyond. So what I decided to do in order to achieve my goals was simple ….. I Train with B-cope …..

Results since beginning your training with Copeland?
Weight loss, definition and greater endurance.

Advice for new exercisers?
Regardless of where you are starting and where you are attempting to go, pace yourself and celebrate small victories.

Favorite food:
Soul food.

Favorite exercises:
Cardio, specifically running.

Least favorite exercises:
Lifting weights.

Favorite place:

Favorite Song:
McFadden & Whitehead "Ain't no stopping us now"

Pet Peeve:

One thing nobody knows about you?
If I said that, then you would know. :)

Life Goals:
To raise my only child as a productive citizen.

Who inspires you?
My son and name sake Tony Ray Johnson, III

What scares you?

Favorite quote?
Do whatever you can, for anyone you can, whenever you can, without reaping anything you can.

What do you do for fun (outside of BDA)?
Being with my family.




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