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Oct 2016:
Lou Ann Marston

Member since Feb 2016

How did you end up joining BDA?
Melissa Turpen Introduced me to BDA.

Why did you start BC’s or S&C or PT?
I was at a very low point, over the last year I gained 70lbs. I felt terrible, but was used to working out and really enjoy it so I knew I had to get back into a routine. Was so scared and out of shape the day I walked into BDA so started with PT for 2 months before I was ready to join the S&C class.

Why do you enjoy coming to BDA?
I enjoy working out and seeing improvements. I also like my BDA friends, we have a lot of fun cheering each other on.

Pet Peeve:
Giving up because something is hard.

Favorite exercises:
Dead lift, I am addicted!

Least favorite exercises:
Clean, push press-anything that requires lifting the bar above my waist!

What is your favorite place?
Anywhere I can hang with my kids.

What wakes you up in the morning?
The challenges and learning opportunities life offers me each day.

One thing nobody knows about you:
First Job- it was a summer job I had while i was in high school, I taught kids swimming lessons. Over the 3 years; I have taught over 300 kids how to swim.

Life goals?
Being Healthy and active, and a grandmother very soon!

Results since joining BDA?
Since February 2016 I have lost 60 pounds and over 15 inches. I have more energy, more confidence and I feel great!

What are you doing to get these results?
I changed my eating, I eat pretty clean. If I have an off day, I make sure its short lived and I get back on track. I go to the gym 3 times a week for S&C. I walk my dog 2 times a day for a total of 3 miles; at least 3 days a week.

Advice for new members?
Just start and join in the fun. I recommend you start with some personal training sessions with Jonathan. He is great and will modify exercises for all levels. I was intimidated when I first walked into BDA, all the bar work, members were all younger and in great shape. I was totally out of shape and overweight and out of my comfort zone. I am glad I joined because age is just a number and weight is controllable. I have not met a BDA member that hasn’t been friendly, helpful and encouraging.

Who inspires you at BDA?
Melissa-for introducing me to BDA. Jonathan for his patience and guidance and getting me thru PT and ready to join classes. Kacee, Joy and Nicki-for their personal dedication to their personal goals.

What do you do for fun outside of BDA?
Kayaking and traveling.




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