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Nov 2016:
Brandon Clendenin

Member since Oct 2014

How did you end up joining BDA?
A friend knew I enjoyed working out and got me to join up.

Why did you start BC’s or S&C or PT?
To learn something new, get stronger, and release stress.

Why do you enjoy coming to BDA?
The people and the atmosphere are awesome.

Favorite exercises:

Least favorite exercises:

What is your favorite place?
The Mountains.

What wakes you up in the morning?
The alarm.

Favorite Song:
Genie in a Bottle by Christina Aguilera (LOL!) Not sure, being a musician there are too many songs I really like, but can’t say there is a favorite.

Life goals?
To play in a KC and the Sunshine cover band.

Results since joining BDA?
I can do Olympic lifts now without injuring myself.

What are you doing to get these results?
Train 4-5 days a week with S&C programs.

Advice for new members?
When you are feeling tired or sore or may not feel like working out that day just get in your car and get yourself to the front door at BDA. Once you get inside you will be glad that you did and you will see results!

Who inspires you at BDA?
The trainers and all of the other members. Everyone is in it together at BDA.

A BDA memory that will last forever?
Torrey doing the “Human Flag”.

Favorite quote?
Favorite quote? – Pain is weakness leaving the body. (Haha! I don’t really believe that, I just always found it to be a funny cliché).

What do you do for fun outside of BDA?
There is no life outside BDA. There is only Black Dog Athletics!




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