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Dec 2016: Austin Watts

How did you end up joining BDA?
Its right by my work and i always saw people in there so i decided to give it a try.

Why did you start BC’s or S&C or PT?
To prepare my self for the Special Forces and to better myself.

Why do you enjoy coming to BDA?
The people here are awesome! I feel like im family everytime i walk through that door.

Favorite exercises:
Snatch and Deadlift.

Least favorite exercises:

What is your favorite place?
Black Dog Athletics.

What wakes you up in the morning?
Monster Ultra Zero.

Favorite Song:
May We All by Florida Georiga Line.

Life goals?
To be an Air Force Combat Controller, To one day own my own gym.

Results since joining BDA?
I have lost 40 pounds and am a lot stronger than i used to be.

What are you doing to get these results?
Working hard, Eating very healthily.

Advice for new members?
Just stay with it! Even when you're sore just get up and get to BDA you wont regret it.

Who inspires you at BDA?
Jon Cedolia, Kacee Hutchinson, and Torey Lowe. They're all Badasses and motivate me to do better each week.

A BDA memory that will last forever?
The time i was doing Jiu- Jitsu with Niki and she couldn't choke me.

Favorite quote?
"Im not addicted to the suffering, Im addicted to what the suffering can bring." - Matt Fraser, Fittest man on Earth

What do you do for fun outside of BDA?
Shoot lots of guns, Drink Monster Ultra Zero




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