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March 2017: Will

How did you end up joining BDA?
I was looking for strength and conditioning to help me with swimming.

Why do you enjoy coming to BDA?
Because it makes me stronger and faster in the pool.

Favorite exercises:

Least favorite exercises:
The prowler.

What is your favorite place?
Knoxville, Tennessee

What wakes you up in the morning?
Usually my Mom. After that, I swim 5 mornings a week for STAR Aquatics at the Greensboro Aquatic Center.

Favorite Song:
Guns and Roses Patience

Life goals?
I want to swim at the University of Tennessee.

Results since joining BDA?
I have had significant time drops in multiple events at my championship meet. I have gained muscle and feel stronger in the pool.

What are you doing to get these results?
Coming in 2 times a week for an hour.

Advice for new members?
Stick with it. You will see results.

Who inspires you at BDA?

A BDA memory that will last forever?
When people think that I am in college.

Favorite quote?
“Only strength can cooperate, weakness can only beg”

What do you do for fun outside of BDA?
Play games on my computer and make knifes occasionally.




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